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TEEF! DOG 30 SERVES (Exp 30/6/22)
TEEF! DOG 30 SERVES (Exp 30/6/22)

TEEF! DOG 30 SERVES (Exp 30/6/22)

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SKU T3334
Brand TEEF
Product description

TEEF! is a powdered water additive designed to improve the oral health of your dog. It contains Protektin42, a non-toxic, prebiotic formula backed by 10 years of science. Together, the natural ingredients act to restore balance to the oral microbiome (environment) and bringing about better oral health for your dog. TEEF! is 100% safe, human-grade, vegan and is suitable for dogs of all sizes. Designed for daily use.

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100% pure Protektin42. Protektin42 is a patented blend of soluble fibre (cyclodextrin), amino acid (L-arginine), sodium bicarbonate and vitamin B6. *The vitamin B6 in Protektin42 is slightly yellow in colour when added to water.
Feeding instructions
Raw Fed or Small Dogs- <4.5kg Add 1-3 cups (approx. 700ml) of fresh water. Large Dogs- >4.5kgs Add 4-8 cups (approx 1.8L) of fresh water. Multi Dog- Add 1 scoop per 2-2.5L of fresh water and refrigerate

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